Slave Owners Strike Back

Why can’t we all work together as equal humans?

This is just a short post writen in the hope that someone will do something for this poor UK slave who jusdt dares to say I am the equal of the people who legally own me. I don’t like drugs and I care deeply about others. Unfortunately there are people who have the mental illness draptomania (see the post regarding draptomania I posted a few months ago).

I am being shipped out of this ward within the next hour, I found out I was being ghost transfered about a hour ago. There are some good staff and some really cool patients on this ward but the managers have decided my fate. It is the managers who own me at present and who get govenment funding to keep me locked up here.

Apprently I could be traficked to any area of this country if the managers felt it appropriate. My home address is in Bolton yes I have a home now but I asked a hard question to the City Tower in Manchester I followed due proceedure and asked for a copy of the high court injunction granted on 21st May 2019 from the site office as per the sign attached to the outside of City Tower Manchester near the bus station.

I was arrested whilst reading a book and dragged across picadilly gardens Monday 22nd July. Previously that morning at 3am I had helped a lady get safely into her hotel when a man wanted to have his wicked way with her without her consent.

I know that the people who read this blog are inteligent and caring like me. We are not the same but we are equal. I am very traumatised but not that mentally disordered no more than the rest of the world anyway.

All I ask you is to make a noise about the things that matter to you. I think people matter, that human rights matter, that working hard to achieve results matters and that everyone should have their achievements recognised and acknowledged.

I should be avalible for hire on a self employed basis on 2nd August 2019. I can travel please use the contact page to enquire about the services I can provide. Head cleaning is a speciality of mine along with dog whispering and general land and house tidying. I working on obtaining a DBS certificate to show my lack of criminal record.

Make some noise Fight for your rights or lose your rights FREE US SLAVES

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