Victim, Cause or Bullied Survivor?

Its been a weird week but then weird weeks seem to of become the norm for me. However this blog has been inspired by falling into the strange Twitter world of oppressed men. Believe me it’s a strange place that full of men who are extremely hard done by because nobody recognises how hard life is when nobody has any reason to discriminate against you. It’s the same as a slave owner complaining to his slaves that about how they have a better life than he does.

Its a world that shuts out any opinion that differs from the narrative that the poor hard done by white males. Any question will be either ignored met with derision and/or a flashy picture telling the decenting voice they are whinging (the male voice can’t possibly be wrong). It’s just another situation where force is used in an attempt to silence voices that make those in power feel uncomfortable.

Now when I say those in power I’m not talking about political leaders in a far off ivory tower, only seen in sound-bite TV or in the newspaper spouting something or other about how they are going to change the world for the better and our benefit. I’m talking about those people who you meet in your daily real world life who like to make you feel small.

These are the type of people who swear black is white unless it suites them for white to be white and black to be black. These are the type of people who believe an discussion is won by the person who shouts the most insults. These are the people who make you feel drained as every time you have an opinion it’s wrong even if your just expanding in agreement with the point they’ve just made.

Do the impossible!!!

If you think hard enough you will all be able to identify at least one person in your life who fits the description above perfectly. The other word for this type of person is bully. If you want to use long words the word your looking for is authoritarian which is very different from a legitimate authority who has knowledge and reason to back up their requests. I have a lot of respect for authority but zero respect for authoritarians who just like throwing they’re weight around (they usually don’t act on their own as bullies need their cronies, yes person’s, to back them up and are usually but not always male). However enough energy on these insecure people let’s concentrate on those people who have been forced into hell (usually by bullies) but kept going through hell so they can emerge on the otherside, stronger, wiser, a survivor.

But first let’s get one fundamental straight; you can’t be a survivor without going through being a victim first. To say your a survivor but have never been a victim just doesn’t make sense, I mean what are you a survivor of if you’ve never been a victim?

Likewise you don’t have horrendous things happen/done to you and immediately become a survivor. Sorry to say but you’ve got to spend time in the hell of victimhood first. It’s a case of you suffer the crime you have to do the time and your prison is victimhood. BUT remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I’m pretty strong now because I’ve done quite a few sentences in the victimhood prison but my time inside is getting shorter now. Unfortunately the rehabilitation after HMP Victimhood is rubbish, you sort of have to work out your own rehabilitation, you may find supporters but basically your on your own.

Now before you all shout at me saying that’s not fair I’ll say 2 things; 1) nothing is fair putting victims of crime in the psychological prison of IMP Victimhood is definitely not fair especially when the perpetrators of your crime walk around free but it’s reality, 2) you’ve survived attempts to destroy your psyche, and perhaps your body, property, family so don’t tell me your weak and can’t go on, the evidence clearly points to a strong capable but hurt individual. I’m talking to you here!

Now I have a bit of a warning after you’ve released yourself from HMP Victimhood a few times all the lowlife authoritarian bullies like to try to put you back inside. It’s like they can smell the stench of HMP Victimhood, don’t worry it’s just a sign your on the right track. It means your a strong person a survivor this scares the pants off bullies. That’s right you now scare people, yes you the one they like to tell not to be a victim you now scare them. Your scary because you’ve endured traumas that they couldn’t imagine. You scare people because your not acting the victim, you walk with your head held high, a purpose to your stride, your going places. You now have the right to look the bullies in the eye and say “Really is that all you’ve got?!!”

Victim you have become a SURVIVOR!!!

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