Peering out from hat I hide under
Peering out from hiding place

You watch me
Blank eyes everywhere
You watch me
From behind screens
Fear etched into your brow
You watch me

I watch you
From the sidelines
I watch you
Eyes peering out
from under brim of safety
I watch you

We watch ourselves
Distrust fear shame
Fill the void
Eyes empty
Eyes full
Where’s the hope

You see me
Dirty nasty lazy violent
You see me
Foreigner who looks like you
Trying to steal your……
You don’t see me
I see you
Try to see your humanity
Separating the human from system machine
Try to quell fear
I see you

We see each other
Each trapped in our own prison
Human eyes meet human eyes
Walls crumble and crash
The system shrieks and groans
As the humans break free

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