To The Family Aid

Flowers in God's peaceful garden
A garden of peace

We’re there tears in your eyes when you wrote it

Detialed the neglect upon the page

Unkempt, underweight, unwell

Two lines, too many words

Did the tears come when you were at home?

There were tears in my eyes when I read it

As the years fell away

Swimming trips, hot chocolate, laughter

With the family of my Family Aid

SO many tears in my eyes as I read it

Remembering the care that you gave

How you tried to teach me how to live

I’m sorry I pushed you away

There were no tears in my eyes when I wrote it

Just an anger boiling inside

I didn’t care the night shift was over

I wanted to write

Your not mad they lied!

No carer laughs at their charges

Torments them in they’re distress

No carer bullies and uses

Because their lives are in a mess

There are no tears in our eyes as we write it

We save them for when we get home

Because carers like the Family Aid

Save our tears for when we’re alone.

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