Out it pops

Explosion of pain

Bite down

On anything

Old boot leather

Bag strap


Yours or mine

Dull the pain

Pills Opium Stiff drink

Ahhhhh back in

Pain remains

Pills Opium Stiff drink

Dull but nagging now

Surroundings look wrong

It’s just the pain

Scar tissue forms

Out it pops

Pop it in again

Pills Opium Stiff drink


Look how tough

Popping it in like that

No concern

Scar tissue prevents permanent relocation

Pops out

Put it in

Pops out

Won’t go in

Pills Opium Stiff drink

Thick scar tissue

Concern now

It won’t go in

So you say

Years down the road

Pills Opium Stiff drink, gone.

You dislocated your shoulder

No I say

I dislocated my home.

“I dislocated my home


I wrote this a few months ago but the pain the dislocation is causing is pretty acute at the moment. The other night my mind was filled with the call of transcendent tradewinds and my ragtag raggamuffin soul has left the big city.

I’m hoping that the council I’m in the locality of wakes up to the fact that depriving someone of water is actually attempted coroparate manslaughter.

Anywhere I’m going to take some time away from the internet and try to compile a anthology of poems and short stories. Hey I may even draw a picture or two.

Stay safe and keep well my good Readers. Hope to update you again soon but as I’m sure you realise there’s no plug socket in the doorway.

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