A Waste #RIPMyFriend

A flower not the end doorway

Email Billie I think something’s happened there’s police

Rush Oh My God what pieces to pick up

Police tape, Police cars, ambulance motionless

What’s happened? “Can’t say” I know this man he’s my friend

I know his date of birth, name……

He’s just got out of hospital!…..

Statement grateful officer, kind but business like

Radio across we’ve more details now

The unidentified homeless body now has a name, date of birth, history, family, friends

Statement given, use email please to contact me

I leave holding back tears

The waste the human had seemed to be resurfacing from under the oppression of demon addiction

In a daze I seek comfort a human face, smile, hug

Details surface in my addled mind

Social Workers name and the anger when I asked who had the Duty of Care

The nurses in desperatation to care asking for my help

The stubbornness of addiction and not understanding

The disregard of paid 3rd sector “Not my client”

Not your client but your teams client

The Street Angel who realised broken like me their friend to

And the faces of everyone who noticed the doorway taped

So many people who cared, prayed frustrated by their impotence

The weeks of desperation to help now turns to shock, grief, blame

Well you know lifestyle choices……………



All choices had been removed years ago

Slaves have no choice

Officials will say Severe Multiple Disadvantage

Complex Needs

Anything to cover up the frustration of their impotence

Just a number on a file for some

Just a problem for the police to deal with for others

A human with a family friends gone

A life destroyed opportunities wasted

The stench of neglect cuts through my grief stoking the fire of my anger

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