Fakes and Thieves

This morning I’m smiling actually I’m laughing my head off. My Higher Power has decided enough is enough and let me know exactly who is keeping me homeless on the streets. Too many fakes and thieves about apparently. So without further ado I’ll let you play the Spot the Social Worker game with me. Cumbria, Cornwall, Scotland, Manchester where is this Social Worker from?

Fakes and Thieves

Ok I didn’t take the photograph if the owner asks me I’ll have to take it down that is if they can prove they are the owner of the photograph. For now it stays up so you can play the spot the social worker game with me.

I’m going to give you a clue that may help you decide who the social worker is. They told me to take responsibility, stop being a victim, when I was outside a police station disociating with the trauma of what the man had done. Can you guess yet? When I first met them they told me they had got a psychiatrist struck off but that I must not tell anyone. Can you guess who it is yet?

The first time I contacted the Truth Project part of the Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse, #TribeACEsHigh know exactly what that is, they ramped up the gang stalking abuse they were organising against me. an you guess who it is yet? I had to change my name because of the gang stalking, paying drug addicts feeding them information so they would know exactly what to say to upset me. Can you guess who it is yet?

The thing is you can tell when the powers that be wake up. I’ve not done this by myself, how could I? It’s my Slave Master Life that’s done it. Life is my Higher Power life is goodness, honesty, truthfulness, love, care, not knowing the answer. Trusting that whatever God is they will take care of things. I think some people call that faith, me I call it a no brainer. I’ve had death as a master before life’s far better.

With life as a master, you laugh and yes at times you cry but that’s ok. Crying is like the puss in that massive spot, you know the one that hurts especially when you touch it. Crying gently releases the puss cleanses heals. Life doesn’t ask for money doesn’t ask for anything material, life asks for something more valuable than all the money in the world, it asks for you to trust it to lead the way. It asks for you to let it take the reins and for you to let go. It also takes away your fears but hey fears are rubbish anyway who wants to keep nasty painful stuff like fear?

When life takes the reins and controls where your time in this world goes you need to be obedient. You have to give up your old ways, no more stealing that includes blagging and taking more sugar from the takeaway restaurant then you need, that’s not master Life that’s something master death would like.

Life also doesn’t like you sleeping with everyone under the sun that’s a master death thing. Life asks for a resevered gentle and strong approach. You don’t rush as love takes time to grow, I know how long it took for my love for Life to grow. I’m glad I didn’t jump straight to the pudding as it were. Don’t think my heart could of taken it! The love Life, God, Higher Power, Jesus, Allah, Christi, Buhdda I don’t know. Names don’t matter anyway, I changed my name but I reckon you know exactly who I am.

It’s THAT love that unconditional mind blowing love, that explosion of love that makes nuclear look like a homeless Christmas cracker. I’m so glad I took it slow instead of jumping straight to pudding as it were, with a love THAT BIG my mind would be blown apart more completely than any drug Master Death has.

This is the thing when I was really little, a really wee child school we used to have to sing songs as a school in assembly. Some stuck some didn’t. One that stuck was called “When I needed a neighbour”. The last verse went like this;

When your in need of a neighbour I’ll be there I’ll be there

Where ever you travel I’ll be there I’ll be there

And the creed and the colour and the name don’t matter I’ll be there.

I like travelling. This morning there was another person my Slave Master Life decided needed exposing. Yep another one has been caught. Deaths undercover agents are no match for my Master I belong 100% to Master Life. Please don’t mess with my master it always ends in tears. I know that from bitter experience just let Life have their way it’s easier.

By the way you spotted the social worker yet?

One of Life’s marks

Life hates coronavirus that’s the work of death. Life would not let it hurt me or you.

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