Let There Be Storms

This is a quick short story blog inspired by the writing prompt from #GoDogGoCafe here goes……

Red Sky Warning

Screeching down the black tar river, with a single minded determination, Jessie knew that now was her time and not even God could help anyone who got in her way. As the rain lashing against the, normally grime ladden windows only served to increase the buoyancy of her spirit, as if the elements themselves were supporting Jessie’s righteous anger.

For too long she had danced to the tune of the desperardos, run with the wolves of Chaos pretending she was a wolf herself. The tiggeress of her soul eventually rebelled, she was born to walk alone and now it was her time.

News of the gladiatorial contest at the Citidals of Mayhem had sneaked into the same backwater Jessie inhabited via a sorry damp newspaper on a work out gust of window. Jessie had been hiding from the LightKeepers watching quietly as the rest of the pack were loaded into the Beacon to be driven away by the LightKeeper patrol to the endless brightness of the watchtower. Jessie had allowed a brief wave of pity to wash over her when the wet poster blew onto her face.

She’d croached motionless wet print obscuring her vision until the crunch of wheels on tarmac faded into the distance. Only then did she extractate herself from the humiliating advert.

That was 6 days ago, now she was just a few hours away from the battle she’d dreamed of for years. Revenge would be sweet, the Masked Fury thought she was dead so wouldn’t be expecting the only being in the multiverse who know Fury’s fatal vulnerability and weakness to face him in the ring at the Citidals of Mayhem.

Fame, glory, wealth beyond measure would be Jessie’s after the Masked Fury was defeated by her in a few hours time. All that didn’t matter to Jessie, that wasn’t her motivator. She was driven by a force far more primeval, fundamentally stronger. Jessie’s guttural laugh echoed the clash of lightening that ripped across the sky as if confirming the future she had in her grasp.

“Let there be storms, the future is mine” thought Jessie her smile terrifying to behold.

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