Street Cooking

Well readers after a few weeks with my head upside down, I’m trying to settle and look after myself better. So tonight I’m going to give you the recipe for the street cooking meal I had tonight.

Street Cooking on camping stove
Street Cooking

I’m sitting in a fast food restaurant drinking a cup of tea which the manager kindly gave me. He’s not a bad bloke really, he puts up with a lot of rubbish from some. Saying that we have locked horns in the past. But I digress, must be my full belly.

Recipe for Magic Greens Street Style

  • Equipment Required
    • Camping Stove – Saucepan set
    • Camping Gas – screw fixing
    • Camping Burner – screw on type
    • Cigarette lighter
    • Metal Teaspoon
    • Tissues (got to do your washing up)
  • Ingredients Required
    • Half a bag of Kale (cheap vitamin hit)
    • Small tin of supermarket brand garden peas (ring pull lid)
    • Tin of Sardines in flavoured sauce of choice (ring pull)
    • Rice
    • Half bag of cheap grated cheese
    • Generous lump of butter
    • 2 litre bottle of water ( can be brought for 17p or fill empty bottle at kind cafe)


  1. Put stove together ensure that you turn both gas canister and burner at same time when screwing together. This minimises gas leakage.
  2. Take largest saucepan and lid from your camping pan kit.
  3. Ensure the rice, water and kale are opened and ready to add.
  4. Use teaspoon to scoop a large chunk of butter from the block. Place butter in empty saucepan.
  5. Use lighter to light stove melting butter in pan. Add rice and tip saucepan to mix butter and rice. Bit like panning for gold action.
  6. Place pan on stove. Add water to about 1.5cm above level of rice.
  7. Add tin of peas. No need to drain them. Generously heap kale on top filling the rest of the pan.
  8. Place lid on turn down stove and wait approx 5 minutes
  9. Add tin of Sardines, rinse empty tin with water and pour into pan. Those juices add to the taste. Replace lid
  10. After about 3 minutes stirmaking sure nothing is sticking to base of pan. Replace lid at an angle or take lid of turn up gas and stir occasional. We’re getting rid of excess liquid.
  11. When there’s no excess liquid left or your too hungry to wait any longer and the smell of your tea is too good, turn off gas and generously pour grated cheese into pan. Stir.
  12. Allow to cool slightly and eat!

Enjoy the warm glow of content a full belly and the act of political rebellion you’ve just committed by doing something normal in a very abnormal situation. Unfortunately after every meal there’s washing up to be done. Housed or unhoused nobody enjoys that washing up. However when your street cooking there’s added challenges. Where’s the hot water.

  1. Half full your dirty pan with water.
  2. Wait. We’re soaking the pan here procrastinating is key.
  3. Heat water in pan on the stove. Yes you need to relight it.
  4. Once water starts to steam turn off the stove. You don’t want boiling water as that wastes gas and will remove the skin on your hands.
  5. Using the panning for gold action swish water around pan before throwing it down nearest drain.
  6. Wipe with tissues removing all food residue. Repeat as necessary.
  7. Once all food residue is gone, fully dry pan and lid via a quick blast on the stove.
  8. Let everything cool fully before repacking your bag.

There you have it readers Magic Greens Street Style. It tasted amazing this evening and I’m not biased at all! I was also absolutely starving and piping hot food when starving hungry and cold, always tastes superb. Plus the tastiness of food is in direct proportion to the amount of effort you had to put into making it. Your level of hunger and coldness also has a big influence on how good food tastes.

Equation for Working Out Tastiness

Level of coldness (very cold as rough sleepers usually are) + level of hunger (absolutely starving) + amount of resourcefulness needed to prepare (lots) = Level of tastiness (party for taste buds).

Conversely if your warm, not that hungry and not much resourcefulness is required to make the meal it probably won’t taste that good.

As my regular readers may of guessed from previous posts like this Christmas post and this poem I’ve been rough sleeping homeless for quite a while now. As I’ve written before I’m recovery focused constantly asking myself how can I improve my situation. Buying my camping stove was a result of me asking myself that question.

Now I’m no Nigella Lawson and don’t particularly want to be but I’m one of the few people who find themselves homeless who do street cooking.

Feel free to comment my awesome readers.

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