The Silence In My Heart

Well readers it’s Tuesday which means it’s time for the #GoDogGoCafe writing prompt challenge! Last week I started along the road to the Citidals of Mayhem with Jessie. This week it’s the silence in my heart. I’m making a commitment to take part in the #GoDogGoCafe writing prompt challenge each week. Why don’t you writing dogs join me?

Reflections of Silence in my heart

Traffic hurtles through the night

Screeching into my soul

But the gutters glisten

Reflects the silence in my heart

Lost in the night of Streets

Forgotten in the rush of Streets

Hidden by the craze of Streets

My hearts song extinguished

False dawn follows false dawn

Roads end, home

Forever out of reach

Silence replaces the hearts howl

Again home’s in sight

Murmerings of hope stir in my heart

Reason of self protection demands

Silence in my heart

Will one dawn be real?

Will one roads end be home?

Will my heart sing again

The sweet songs of home

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