Clean hands

This a quick post readers and I’m afraid I’m going to have to talk about Coronavirus. M under no illusions regarding the seriousness of this virus. Now I’m not a expert but I’m long enough in the tooth to understand emergency situations and how EVERYONE needs to do their bit. It starts with keeping our hands clean.

You may be asking yourself readers what on earth can one human, who sleeps in a shop doorway possibly do to help stop a pandemic?!! Reckon they’ll be quite a lot of people reading this saying Billie’s completely lost the plot this time!

How a Rough Sleeper Can Help Stop a Pandemic

This is what I can do to help stop a global virus pandemic:

Wash my hands after I EVERY time I use the toliet and before I eat.

Clean hands protect you and me and help STOP coronavirus

Washing my hands after I use the toliet protects you more than it protects me. Washing my hands before I eat protects me more than it protects you.

This is a basic to protect us all from not just Coronavirus but other really nasty diseases which are probably untreatable due to antibiotic overuse. Yep these diseases aren’t stupid they have learnt to counteract our best weapons.

This is war readers. We are all soldiers in the war against coronavirus and other nasty diseases. We are only going to win this war if we all fight together as one.

No army has ever won a war by a few soldiers hoarding all the weapons. So as a rough sleeper soldier in the war against coronavirus I’m fighting back as well as I can keeping my hands as clean as possible.

If a rough sleeper can keep hands clean……….

I’m tired readers all I’m going to say is if I can keep my hands clean in a country where people are emptying the shelves of soap, antibacterial gell (1 bottle would be very useful to me) toliet paper etc. If me a rough sleeper can keep their hands clean what more can all you housed do?

It’s starts with washing your hands after you use the toliet.

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