War on Normal Life

How do we stay focused when the world around us is falling apart?

Regular readers may remember the commitment I made last week to the Tuesday Writing Prompt kindly given by the GoDogGoCafe. To be honest with Coronavirus pandemonium pandemic paranoia I almost forgot. Seems there a war on Normal Life going on alongside the #WarOnCorona. It’s like we’ve all gone crazy!

Corona Craziness

McDonald’s the fast food restaurant has chucked away plastic toys for kids and is going to start giving away books to children. No more MacPlastic we’re heading for MacBooks! Quick edit MacBooks may already exist but #HappyBooks Sorry Apple.

HappyBooks ALERT sorry!!!

Workers are being told to stay away from work. The lady who does a 10am to 4pm shift begging for money seems to of joined the working from home craziness. We’re all told to stay away from each other, don’t go to church, don’t go to restaurants for a family meal, don’t go to pubs to socialise, don’t go to nightclubs to dance and listen to new bands. We’ll be told not to go to libraries to borrow the books we need to read while we’re under corona craziness house arrest.

Think is listening to the sermon in church is a fundamental of every religion. All the small businesses are terrified they will go bankrupt, and it seems all the good old fashioned fun things to do have been banned by corona craziness but MacBooks that has to be the craziest thing ever!

We need to take a closer look at this!

A Closer Look

It seems that this corona is killing everyone it touches, but I’ve heard of people surviving. Now as I’ve been forced to swim with some quite nasty sharks in very dirty water I’ve seen quite a few things that kill almost every thing they touch. Usually they are chemicals passed quietly in small plastic bags or other scraps of plastic. These chemical compounds are about 99% deadly to all who ingest them. They also cause people to cause havoc smashing every state structure around them. A lot of the people who ingest these chemicals end up locked in small rooms for the safety of society. Is corona worse than this?!!!

Well worldwide it seems it’s killed 2% of the people who have it inside them. 80% of people who ingest corona have mild to moderate discomfort. That leaves the 20% for whom ingesting coronavirus will make them severely unwell. Luckily 90% of these people will survive so best keep all the emergency medical services clear for them because almost all of them will have other health issues as well.

Hmmmm that doesn’t seem to explain the corona craziness, especially when the chemical craziness doesn’t result in such ridiculously strict infection control measures. But I’m sure the doctors know best and I’ve lost focus. It’s the MacBooks and the beggar working from home.

Pen is Mighter than the Sword

Now obviously we need to stick to the infection control advice the doctors have handed out and ensured we comply with, by force if necessary. Sounds a bit like what happens to victims of crime if they can’t cope with life afterwards. Psychiatrists are the doctors who deal with victims of crime if they can’t cope with what the criminals have done to them.

I’m not affriad to admit I’ve been forced to have chemical medication it’s not nice. You get pinned to the floor and your backside exposed for the needle. One of the crimes that I’ve been a victim of was rape. My right to consent was removed and well your all adults you can work it out.

But MacBooks that’s a whole new level of craziness. Stories as every writer and reader knows are extremely important. A good story is like a path you travel along for an adventure. I remember the stories I got read as a child. When I got older I read to myself. The Hobbit was a favourite a group of friends going on a quest. There were books about a land behind a wardrobe and…..

Aesops Fables

Lost focus again!!!!

These books I enjoyed as a child still provide me pleasure now as an adult. I’ve added to the number of books I’ve read and with an adult eye I can see each good story provides analogy of the world around me. Each good story gives an insight into the writers daily world, how they think and how the world thinks. It also gives examples of how to have fun. But most of all stories teach morals. That’s why I love Aesops Fables so much. The story of the Crow and the Pitcher is a favourite of mine. The crow solves the problem of how to reach the water at the bottom of a tall thin jar or pitcher. It used stones. The moral of course is hard work and perseverance pays off.

Aesop was a Slave

I had no idea this amazing story teller was a Slave. As a child I had no idea what a Slave was, I thought being in school was being a slave, I realise how wrong I was. I now unfortunately know exactly what a Slave is and how it feels. Humans are never things to own.

But again I’ve lost focus!

How to stay focus when there’s a War on Normal Life

Firstly we all must obey the doctors infection control advice and keep our distance, wash our hands after every time we use the loo and before we eat. We must also look after the weakest in society. But I feel and all the great stories I’ve ever read show that to get through the worst hardships you’ve got to have fun and a sense of humour.

Aseptic Doorway Cleaning

I had a great laugh using Aseptic infection control skills to clean my doorway last night. We can’t be close to each other but we can have a good laugh at staying exactly 6foot away from each other. Tape measures and rules will be flying off the shelves soon. There’s a story about people feeding each other with 6 foot long spoons that sounds funny. Reckon there’s a new market opening up here.

Imagination is key to surviving coronavirus craziness. On a more serious note remember that the economy will be suffering and shops have very tight survival margins especially if they are small businesses. Got told today by a shopping centre manager that shops have to sell 93% of these stock just to keep going.

I reckon we need to help these shops and say “excuse me but the cashier is over there you seem to of walked straight past” from at least 6feet away of course.

We don’t want the economy smashed now do we. Remember we must stick to the letter of the infection control rules.

Now there is one thing people tend to do for two reasons that’s an infection control risk. We’ve got to talk about spitting. Some have to spit for health reasons as the excess phlegm. Others spit salvia due to contamination by certain chemicals. Unfortunately I fall into the first category but try to find a drain in the gutter or if there’s none somewhere like a patch of deep earth to spit. These places are full of infection anyway and not spitting out the large amount of phlegm health conditions give me would make me extremely unwell.

Hope you understand. To survive we have all got to use our imagination, pay attention to detail and have fun following really strict rules whilst protecting the smallest in the economy first mindful that even gaints can fall and we don’t want that.

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