Brave Hearts

It’s Tuesday and regular readers know that means it’s time for the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge from the Godoggocafe. Last week as the coronavirus terror swept across the UK, I found myself swept into a stretch of wooded wasteland which lacked a plug socket. Perhaps coronavirus is just the scream of the machine and the fragment of DNA that makes couragous hearts beat is a virus we desperately need.

Anyhow today’s prompt is “Brave Hearts”. Here it goes:

Brave Hearts rising

Amidst the chaos and ruin

Something shines through

Battle scared, blooded and broken

It beats like a whimper

The drum of a thousand lost souls

The beat of a million voiceless screams

To the rhythm of a billion teardrops falling

The Brave Hearts ring true

Triumphant they stand

On shaking spindles

Bent double

Upright courage

They stride into the light

Footsteps faltering but true

Mark out the beat of their brave heart drums

The Just and the Great fall to knees

Blinded by guilt

Deafened by the courage

Of their guiltless prisoners

With Brave Hearts a drumming

11 thoughts on “Brave Hearts

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I consider myself a citizen of the world borders are just lines drawn on a map. That said I’ve never left the island of Britian as I’ve never owned a passport. Covid19 has put a massive spanner in the works of my first every passport application.

      That said the internet respects lines on maps as much as I do. I’d love to see Portland with my own eyes one day.


      1. Though we are not in Portland anymore, we lived there for 8 years. It is beautiful and fun.
        Back in New York now, because we wanted to be counted as residents of the epicenter of the virus. Ha!


      2. Lol What made you want to be counted as virus epicentre residents?!!! I’m still trapped in Edinburgh it’s doing my head in I escaped to a less built up town/city but had to return for a court case that was cancelled.
        Council here hate me so my chances of housing are less than when this council granted me Silver Homeless Prority to be housed in December 2018. Still waiting


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