Colours of my Mind

It’s Tuesday Readers and that can mean only one thing. Its time for the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge from the GoDogGoCafe. Not quite sure how I found this little spot but the Baristas, other writers and everyone else seem to of accepted the presence of a weirdo like me. So here we go:

The golden colour of my mind

The hues collide




For dominance

But my mind takes charge

By some above human will

The violence of engulfing black

Primordial screaming red

Sword sharp silver

Bludgeoning blister filled blue

Glorious gorefilled gold

Is replaced by soften gentler tones

The soft golden glow of the sodium light

Guiding my way through beer sodden streets

The soft rainbow of the poor pigeons neck

Blue purple green singing out from the pavement grey

The translucent mirage’s magnificence

Such extravagant hues

Shouts splendour, beauty and wonder

From the oil stained puddle

Oh opulent glory and honour

Stay away from me!

My mind will not be polluted by your colours

The colours of my mind

Are the transcendent tradewinds

That carry our lost souls of

Ragtag, ragamuffin, royalty

To freedom.

Singing out from the pavement grey


Readers I am eternally grateful that I stumbled across the writing prompt challenge. It provides structure to what could be a extremely chaotic life.

Life is stressful mine has gets progressively more stressful as my years increase. Many people ask me what drives me, what I care about, what I value. I’ve learnt the hard way not to say because all too often the people I tell try their best to take what I care about away.

But tonight my good Readers I’ve shared with you some of what I hold dear. You can tell from the Colours of my Mind what truly matters to me.

Goodnight Readers grand restful dreams.

7 thoughts on “Colours of my Mind

    1. Thank you.
      Those transcendent tradewinds have carried me out of Edinburgh (Thank God) to a more peaceful location. Planning on writing some more poems so I may perhaps have enough for a anthology.

      Hope your safe and well.



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