Concerning Graffiti

This post is about some concerning graffiti. Readers I need to warn you this post may trigger an emotional response in you. I’ve thought long and hard about writing this and feel I must. Please don’t read it OR click on the hyperlinks if you don’t feel strong enough. I hope I’m worrying about nothing and probably am. I really don’t want history to say which side I stood on.

Readers this post relates to some fresh graffiti I saw on my daily walk to get food/exercise during this coronavirus created imprisonment. 1 hour a day exercise smacks of what I’ve heard prisoners are allowed. I posted pictures of the graffiti in a Facebook group about the city I’m in.

Concerning Graffiti

Threats and attempts to silence

First a moderator of the group took the post down. I contacted a group admin and it was reinstated. What followed was the standard tactics used to discredit anyone who dares to disagree.

We need to discredit this person “Your Insane”

There was also threats of violence to frighten anyone who disagrees into silence. I know people who hold moderator/admin roles in the group have also been threatened.

“I will punch you in to next week” YAWN!!!

Unfortunately I’m used to this sort of thing and get far worse to my face. Regular readers may be able to work out why. Problem with being homeless especially rough sleeping is your forced to mix with some very shady characters. I’m sure I’ve had to sleep in same large room as people who should be under greater supervision and who are listed on Sex offenders register. I’ve met one man, using a computer next to me who openly told me that he’s banned from using the internet following a conviction for severe violence. Last year a man was extremely upset to see me after I’d spent some time away from the city. Found out later he’d been boasting that he’d killed and burried me.

These are bullies who hide in the shadows spreading rumours and hate. Best thing to do is laugh at them. They are cowards. Some of the rumours about me are so ridiculous you can’t not laugh. However with these current restrictions it’s very concerning graffiti.

History Lesson

In 1948 the world was licking it’s wounds. Everyone had severe physical and/or emotional wounds as did every country. It was three years after the end of the second world war. Atrocities had been committed that were indescribable. Readers please don’t click on these links if your not feeling emotionally tough.

The World said Never Again!

The world woke up and realised this can never be allowed to happen again and the Convention of Human Rights was written. Reckon this convention is a good starting point for any society to base its rules on.

I tweeted about the graffiti I’d seen. I shared my tweet via private message with a friend in Poland. Hadn’t realised that the symbols contained in the graffiti are deemed illegal to display in Poland. Of I apologised profusely for inadvertently upsetting my friend. My tweet had clearly stated the graffiti was not in my name. It is the power of those symbols in racial memory.

It was only 3 accounts on Facebook in a group of thousands that joined together to ensure everyone understood what happens if people question the regime.

A Walk in the Park

Happy Ducks together for springtime

I was taking my exercise when I heard a strange buzzing, sounded like a swarm of bees. The buzzing noise was very close to me. I must say that the fresh concerning graffiti is extremely near the park. There’s other simular examples in other areas of this city. Anyhow I do like taking nice pictures. Aren’t those ducks looking happy. You can always find something beautiful.

Its in the darkest nights that the stars shine the brightest” An astute person.

I carefully listened and looked to see if I could locate the source of the noise. Eventually I did. It was a remote controlled drone. I kept my eye on it and watched to see who was controlling it. My patience paid off and I watched as the drone operator landed it and took it back inside a building.

Concerning Graffiti, Concerning Times

Now I’m not one to stir up fear there are enough people hiding in the shadows who will do that for me. There is a nasty virus of unknown origin decimating the world’s population. I have no strong political affiliation and reckon there’s some good ideas in socialism and also some good ideas in capitalism. Anyway my will and my life belongs to a higher power.

The present UK government was the result of a democratic vote. Readers I’m sure your adult enough to understand the difference between a viewpoint and a human being. I’m going to pray for the human who media says was admitted to intensive care today. Readers I reckon you understand my views on policies.

Homelessness Playground

I’ve been homeless for 4 years now. It’s been such a long time because I get fed up with the threats etc. I repeatedly get asked where I come from. It’s not important where any of us come from its about where we’re going and mainly about how we get there.

“It’s about how many dead flies you spit out of your grinning mouth at the end of the ride” Quote from me 2013.

I find it quite amusing the amount of times low lifes tell me they are going to get *insert name* to beat me up, tell me how wrong I am. Most people, like yourselves my good Readers grow out of this sort behavour around age 4.

Big Thank You

I’m going to end this post now but first I want to say a massive THANK YOU to the WordPress Happiness Engineers and webmasters who are working very hard to keep my site up and running. You see there are some people lurking in the shadows who think they should get everything for free. It seems they’re trying to overload the servers of this site. I’ve been unfortunate to meet some and others shout hate from behind keyboards.

More ducks to bring happiness.

Tomorrow is of course Tuesday and that means it’s the Tuesday Writing Prompt challenge at the GoDogGoCafe. Hate won’t win!

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