Enemy Invisible

It’s Tuesday Readers which can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at GoDogGoCafe. Today’s prompt is “over the rainbow” but with all this Corona Craziness going on the Enemy Invisible invaded my pen and produced this:

“Colour breaks through, but above darkness lurks

Enemy Invisible

Clouds lessen

Enemy Invisible


Colour breaks through

But above darkness lurks

Is it above

Is it below

Is it without

Is it within

Who can tell with Enemy Invisible

Red heals no more

Worn out black turning grey

Clicks to the tune of a different drum

Are the witches wicked?

North, South, East and West

Realities for sale

Stall holder

Enemy Invisible

In the post reason madness

Spread, controlled by Enemy Invisible

Truth depends on the size of the pay check

Still hope shines her glory

Over the rainbow

Of indifference

Real life strikes through

“Worn out black turning grey”

Well Readers hope that having my pen taken over by that invisible enemy didn’t disturb you too much. I’ll hopefully be able to wrestle back control of my pen by my next post.

For all of you that are wondering how my housing (or lack of housing) situation is progressing I’m currently in a no star bed and breakfast. I’m pretty sure simeone wrote a song about it.

I was sort of enjoying being the Wolf on the Craig for a while but lack of access to water, toliet and plug socket sort of compelled me to come inside. Plus I’m waiting to hear when my, alternative to face to face, job interview will be. Fingers crossed Readers you know I never give up.

2 thoughts on “Enemy Invisible

  1. Billy what a man
    My heat bleeds for you
    At this time
    #coronavirus nightmare
    As if thing were not hard enough
    On the road
    I say with all honesty take care
    And stay healthy


    1. John its a con I’ve put evidence on my Twitter Instagram and Facebook page. I’ve committed crimes against homelessness I’ve been honest HardWorking capable non violent and used my mental health nursing skills extremely well. I’m on strike/protest until the work I’ve done is recognised and I’m properly paid for it.
      I’m going to work on my poetry anthology now. Please share this far and wide. Intelectual slavery I am trafficked around UK.


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