London Green

Ok readers I’ve been a bit Corona crazy and somehow have fpund myself in London of all places. I’d never realised London is so green!

Anyway it was my birthday yesterday and all I have to offer for you my readers is a short poem. I hope you like it and I hope you can forgive my lack of posting. It’s VERY hard to charge my phone at the moment due to lockdown.

Concrete Overlord

Amidst the cages roaring rush

Nature’s triumph shines green

Flowers, trees, a magnitude of life

Courtship dances

Proud pumped translucent grey

Big and small

Two legs and four

Home protected

By concrete Overlord

This oasis of calm

Hidden in the roaring rush

Surely a village

Not London at all

Happy Feet

Readers I’m calming down recovering from another homeless birthday but I’m smiling and have just met Sasha from BRUH Filmworks. I would highly advise you check out the You Tube channel for unique view of London green life.

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