Covid19 Poetry

Well readers looks like I’ve found a way to charge my phone so here’s 2 poems for you. I seem to of found myself in Hammersmith London and am feeling pretty chilled. You know me readers, for this homeless blogger Covid19 and poetry just go together like hand and glove. Both poems are about the fears we all have about others which are usually completely unfounded but keep us apart.

Charging my phone battery

So without further ado here’s poem number 1:

Our Fears

Big smoke

No way!

I’ll be eaten alive

Gangs, guns, knives

Killed for a glance

Gone forgotten

Dissolved into concrete

My fears kept me away

The homeless

Keep away

They’ll eat me alive

Dirty drunks junkies

Subhuman vampires

Need pity

I’ll give to charity

My fears keep me away

We heard it talking

Respectful kind

Engage, Communism, homeless

Assertive with humour

Confident cool calm

She approached

Smiling London New

Our Fears drifted away.

A Public Health Message

Some bars

For the sake of public health

Your ordered to stay apart

It’s vital for public health

That your fears do not depart

Your dirty disease ridden

Spitting and vile

We your government know

From behind guns and bars by the mile

Your government are scared

We know not what to do

So stay 2 meters apart

And close all public loos


Covid19 Poetry

Hope you like the covid19 Poetry, it’s extremely hard for the whole country but particularly use outside homeless. Looking forward to a nice cuppa in McDonald’s again. Simple things.

Just one last thing before I go. Last night at 8pm I was clapping for carers, key workers and NHS outside Downing Street. It’s about inclusion you see and escaping the socioeconomic traps we all find ourselves in. The Prime Minister was safely behind tall bars with spikes on the top and there were 2 police officers with guns to ensure homeless prison and government prison were kept apart.

It’s a question of social mobility. I’ve had a lot of time added for good behaviour to my homeless prison sentance.

A question of Social Mobility (a few slides)

See you on the other side readers.

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