Homeless Heaven

A little poem and a bit of fun. Hope you like it readers. You see the thing is it’s the simple things that make up homeless heaven. Hey you know my colours readers.

Cup of tea Homeless Heaven

Homeless Heaven

Shops all closed

That’s not what I miss

Cup of tea in the cold

Now that would be bliss

Milk, some sugar, not too strong

Freshly boiled water, you can’t go wrong

Some say coffee

Think it’s swell

This homeless human

Says coffee is hell

Teabag removed milk in last

Post lactarian leaves nothing to chance

PreRaphalites are warm in National Gallery

All who came last, left cold like me

None of this matters

In the grand scheme

I’ve got a hot cuppa

Homeless Heaven to me

Life and times

It’s been an interesting fortnight in London. I’m going to stick around for a bit. I’ve met some very interesting people and had the pleasure to attend some amazing meals for homeless. Most say breakfast at Soho Square is my favourite by far. It the quite gift of spiritual food freely given with zero fuss. Plus the priest has named his dog after a favourite saint of mine. I’m not even going to mention the charity which probably receives money from council to help homeless. Yep readers I may of found a charity that’s worse than that Edinburgh charity!

On a more positive note I was lent a book today and will hopefully be working with a new arts based group soon.

Brave New World: Am I Billie the savage?

Very much looking forward to reading this book again. May write a post about how this book is extremely simular to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

For now readers I’m going to leave you. It’s extremely hard to get charge for my phone at moment and I’m developing a bit of a habit. My new habit is listening to Elaine Pagie’s radio show on a Sunday.

One last thing should I continue or stop quoting poetry like The Tyger at meals for the Homeless?

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