Talks Across Time

It’s only through talks across time that we can learn from the mistakes of our collective past. Readers I make no apologies as this poem is inspired by our collective lives and times in UK today. Covid19 was not the start, I’ve been watching and living this for years.

All I will say is please be kind and gentle with yourselves as the poem will make hard reading for those who remember.

Past hidden from future at Victory House
Past hidden from future at Victory House

Conversation with past present and future

They closed churches
Rebuilding the economy is vital
We have to get people to consume
Jump-start economic growth

They closed the libraries
They closed the book stores
If people sit reading
They are not working
Work is needed to
Rebuild the economy

They closed the schools
The education is bad
There is no respect
Children are out of control

They closed the museums
The past only brings discontent
History is bunk
History is dead
To control the present is to control the past
To control the past is to control the future

I wonder what would happen
If we said there was a virus
A virus is just a piece of
Nasty dirty DNA
Public hygiene
Bad word
Public health
That’s better

The closed to play houses
We could not gather
It’s for our own good
To keep our bodies pure
Safe from contaminated DNA
The virus is the only disease to be scared of

I can’t visit my friends
People must be segregated
They are being well cared for
These types can’t look after themselves

I know officials with blood on their hands
Out damn spot
Modern mass communication is powerful
We can control this and make it
Military grade
Our message to all

Hmmmm what does the book say
Something to worship, heroes, saviours
Owned and controlled by us
Everyone clapping and cheering
Once a week or they’ll get bored
It will become a ritual
They need rituals
Our rituals

Some of my friends are dead
Some are being tortured
Some are brainwashed by drugs and fear
We are all being herded to centres
Up and down the country
I see some try to leave they look dejected as a fail
I stood up
I hide my fear and pain well now
To not fit in is to die

We soon got used to the uniforms
Watching us as we queued for food
A few of us chatted friendly like
With the uniform guards at meals
After food was gone
A uniformed figure would record
The numbers of eaters fed

And the future stayed silent
Not allowed to know
And the past
A few quotes is all we know
And the present
To drugged and scared to scream

Courts and tribunal service at Victory House CLOSED
Court and tribunal building Victory House CLOSED

Life and times

There are some facts relating to this poem that you should be aware of my good readers.

  • Approximately 200 people que for food each night in Trafalgar Square London. Smaller London meals average around 100 people.
  • In Edinburgh must meals average between 50-100 people.
  • I’ve never seen police presence at Scottish meals but police are attending every London meal I’ve been to bar 1. I’m not sure if the police presence is due to Covid19.
  • Everything listed as closed is closed due to Covid19
  • Domminic Cummings Special Advisor to UK Prime Minister wrote a blog post in 2018 mentioning social effects of a virus. Link here. Post has been updated BUT here.
  • Other homeless people I knew a few years ago were talking about homeless being herded into cities. I feel like I’m herded/trafficked/forced out of places by officials.
  • Liverpool Care Pathway was rebranded after being declared illegal in 2014.
  • Most deaths connected to mental health or Learning Differculties have not and are not investigated in UK
  • People housed in temporary accommodation are not allowed any visitors unless they are officials. Friends and family are not allowed to visit hostel residents.
  • My Polish friend is not the first by any means. I don’t count anymore.

What can a homeless person do?

I help others where I can by getting them to start believing in themselves again and proving there is a happier way of being than hiding in substances and playing the “pretending to be incapable” game. Incapability means housing.

I’ve amassed my evidence but of course I haven’t got the money for a legal team and doubt many have the courage to take this on. To quote a police officer “there isn’t a jail big enough”.

Readers it’s up to you to decide. Twitter Instagram, Facebook and this site is the evidence of who I am and what I stand for. I need a courageous lawyer. Until then I’ll continue to update you with poetry and news of my life and times which is also your life and times. Only through talks across time will we learn to heal and not harm.

Charging my phone is hard due to Covid19 And who am I going to call????
Charging my phone is hard and who am I going to call Ghost Busters????!!!

10 thoughts on “Talks Across Time

  1. Hi Billie can’t honestly say I followed, ‘got’ everything you’re trying to say. I do know, in relation to older people and Covid, I heard a GP on radio say an older patient of his was denied an ICU bed because ‘they only had four left’. He was shocked as his patient needed a bed and they were available.


    1. Andrew You can see what’s happening with elderly and recognise evil inherent in Liverpool Care Pathway which was rebranded after 2014. Still running like clockwork.

      You also recognise how most people are affriad to speak up about what’s happening.

      Andrew don’t sell yourself short, you know enough.

      Stay strong



    1. Had to be done

      Actually a lot of the deaths I’ve known happened before I ever came near the streets. It was those deaths that drove my vocation to be a MH Nurse and those deaths that made it a no brainer for me to commit professional suicide and report a colleague who was abusing patients.

      I just can’t seem to learn that some folk need to be abused and killed. 4 years of increasingly harsh treatment on streets and I’m even further from learning.


      1. This is when I wish they had something other than like buttons, as I don’t like this as I know it so well, it hurts. Thank you for standing up for those patients, in a sense standing up for me as it was bad diagnosis and continually being told I didn’t know what I was talking about or doing that put me on the streets with no one to reach out too.

        I have come along way in the last 20+ years but the memories will always haunt me. You did the right thing my friend. Thank you.



      2. Raven I wish I could put a picture in this comment, tears of release are brimming in my eyes. Sometimes tears are needed good and healing, like puss being released from a infected sore. It hurts but it’s only after puss has been let out that the wound can heal.

        I want to share some real hope with you. It was 4 years ago I stood up for the patients at work. Needless to say malicious misdiagnosis and misuse of MH laws against me followed. Fast forward to today, joking with police officers that they just are not corrupt enough and need to pull up their socks, with some how to tips on covering up corruption (so the honest ones can learn how the corrupt ones opporate). Untold numbers of addicts walking away from addictions and fighting for a normal life. Ok I’ve upset dealers as they have lost a lot of customers. The human trafficking network has also probably suffered damage because of me.

        I’m still Rough Sleeping and about to bed down BUT hopefully I’ve proved enough by my actions to get wittness protection from the serious organised crime that is homelessness. I’ve got the evidence!

        Raven please stay safe and be kind to yourself. I know that there is no emoji button in existance that would be the correct one for this poem and comment. Please allow the safe needed for healing and don’t crowd the sorrow and pain with thoughts of justice, revenge, regret and anger. You would not be the man you are today if you hadn’t gone through it all.

        Peace, light and blessings



      3. Hi Billie

        You are a special soul. Not many can move me to tears. I wish I could write you my own story so you can see what you and people like you have achieved but due to lockdown I am alone so not safe to to do that, and I know better than to do that as it breaks me. Our world is sick it needs people like you and me to heal it.

        I work with people like me, helping them find the way forward, or juts a hot meal, whatever is needed. It is improving, but not enough. Still, too many of mine will fall victim to hate crime, addiction as a way of coping or worse.

        Enough said … stay safe, stay strong my friend and if you ever need to reach out just contact me.



      4. Sometimes time and a nonjudgemental listening ear, is more healing and helpful than 10,000 meals. If you give a dose of honesty on a spoon made of love and care….miracles happen.

        Stay safe lockdown won’t last for ever.


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