Brittainia Statue outside fa

Sorry they say it is the hardest word
And I can really and truly I say it is
It starts with the massive
Ssss of Shame
Followed closely Ohhhh
And R of realisation
Next the R of reality
As you check that yes
It really is a word you need to say
But what have you done wrong
As shame crimsons my face
It’s my jeans I stutter
I’m a True Blood Brit Avalon in the old tounge
The one who stole three lions
My ancestors didn’t know no
Stealing was a crime
They took away your animals
They took away your pride
Now some say I should pay
Pay with the sweat and blood of a slave
WAIT! I say
No blood today
It seems an evil
Sweat I always give
YOUR ancestors stole our kids
Modern Masters stole mine to
On the floor lying swine
Passively I resist
And a plank they have to shift
A plank they manhandle into a cage
For I have always been a slave
More bruises then you can you can give
More times you and yes it’s true
More times stopped from using a loo
From before my birth it seems
Because of evil in my jeans
And like my clothes yes it’s true
My jokes stink old and new you
And now the truth is told
I’m sorry for my country’s soul

We’re the ones that buried the coal
The violence of Revenge you crave
Form me your wait is long I’m afraid
My race delivered far more than you gave
But the truth can set you free
No more slaves of you and me
For I’m now Slave to the one above
Gentle as the wings of a dove
Stronger than hurricane
Violent as the crashing wave
Silent as a stars at night
Soft as butterflies in flight
Yes the truth has set me free and
Now Slave to this Force joyous me
Hade over heels in love
With the lover of earth and above
I work for that alone
King Empire Queen throne unseen
And for my Abilon jeans
I’m sorry we did those crimes I’m sorry till the end of time
Now here comes the ending lines

Sorry is a sorry does
And with the help of Earth and above
I’ll strive with every speck of my soul
To ensure all time we repay what we stole
Humans don’t belong to you or me
Humans belong to themselves and humanity
And to the Earth and to the sky
And tragically we all mist die
When and how is not a choice we are the slaves to life if that gives us voice
Now please will you forgive my race, my kind, our souls

Reason 1 Rupert who chose to be with me
Reason 1
Reason 2 Was Paddington REALLY a bear?

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