On Our Knees

Readers we live in strange times. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling there is more to the coronavirus outbreak than meets the eyes. The whole world is on its knees but in different ways. I’m pretty sure that you my good readers are with me on our knees praying for an end to the craziness that could be putting the world’s criminals on their knees.

Thus it’s with delight that I find myself back at the Go Dog Go Cafe with a very fitting Tuesday Writing prompt.

Willingly we geton our knees in The Cleaners town
Willingly, we get on our knees in The Cleaners town

The Cleaners

New town, just passing through, don’t want to stop here thought Delilah. The Cleaners had already scrubbed this place. Wiping out all trace of the past. A sickening memory forced it’s way into her consciousness, “to control the present is to control the past” superimposed on the image of piles of tortured bodies. Some of those twisted, agonized remains had been her friends.

She pushed the intrusive memory back into the reservoir of her personal history and selected a more comforting, power giving memory to ease the pain of grief.

She chose a bitter sweet, fragment of hope, that had set her firmly on her lifelong mission. It wasn’t the first time she had got on her on her knees but it was the first time she submitted her soul to the Goddess. The sweet smell of green, under the dark entwined branches of ancient power. She had gone to the grove to say goodbye to Claire.

Delilah struggled against allowing the tortured bodies “Control the past and you control the future” space in her mind.

The torment of losing Claire had somehow combined with the cries of a billion murdered souls till they became one definable cry. The cry of the planet’s soul asking for mercy, asking for peace, asking with a dignity unknown to Delilah for the greed filled blood lust to end.

Was it minutes or hours she’d been on her knees in that grove? Delilah didn’t know. But as the power of that comforting memory seeped into her bones, she realised she had dropped to her knees again.

Rising with the fire of determination raging through her soul, hope beating powerful and strong in her heart, Delilah knew she would defeat the cleaners.

This town’s past was a slaughtered lamb, some would celebrate the murder of such innocence. She chuckled the cleaners had missed that one.

Blue lights raged, flashing by at lightening speed, ignored Delilah as much as Delilah ignored them. Sliently she marked it as further evidence of the criminal syndicate being forced to their knees by those who, like her had answered the Goddess’s call and got on their knees humbly submitting to a more gentle, honest, simple way of being.

Yes, thought Delilah, the world is on their knees but we chose to be on our knees. In the distance a comand pricked her sixth sense. The planet had called it was time to go.

4 thoughts on “On Our Knees

    1. Thank you

      Just say that someone commented was about to head to the land of nod. Can I say that you’ve brought a massive smile to my face.😊

      Hope your ok.

      Night grand dreams.



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