On Our Knees

Update of Life and Times

As I’m sure your aware from evidence of your own eyes, the whole world is experiencing revolutionary hard times. The big companies and corporate causes are desperately trying to control information. These corporate forces detest people like me who provide information that challenges their narratives.

Racially motivated ban from a shop
White ladies with long hair banned because I insisted on paying for my shopping.

Its extremely hard for me to stay on the internet. The photograph above is clearly a racially motivated action. The next day protests started happening in UK using the excuse of a racial murder in a different country. I pray for the family of this victim and for the soul of the man murdered. However at least 86% of these types of deaths in that country are not of the same ethnic background of this victim.

Please join me in prayer

Readers, I’ve seen how deaths are turned into political footballs by people and groups who never even met the victim. Large sums of money are raised and the political processes of which ever country this happens in are undermined by violence.

I fought hard to have my Polish friend Damian’s death not abused in this way. He was a work focused family man, but others wanted him to be a political symbol of the neglect of homeless alcoholics.

Readers please join me in prayer for the family, friends and of course George himself who are grieving and probably tearing their hair out at the violence, theft and money making thats happening. Too many times I’ve seen personal tragedies desecrated by the “other class” who will shout to the rooftops they are workers. I’m sorry these others are not workers they are bullies with a self deserving chip on their shoulders.

I’ve just witnessed a lady screaming, spitting and physically attacking a man who was trying to get away from her. I don’t know the whole story but from what I saw I hope he’s ok.

Night my good Readers, I’ll try to post again soon. We really do need to be on our knees praying for those who don’t understand why we need to humbly pray. By the way I have no idea what God is but it looks after me as long as I pray.

4 thoughts on “On Our Knees

    1. Thank you

      Just say that someone commented was about to head to the land of nod. Can I say that you’ve brought a massive smile to my face.😊

      Hope your ok.

      Night grand dreams.



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