Black Lives Matter

Readers it goes without saying that black lives matter. Every live matters but as the world erupts in violence both in the streets and online, the violence hurts my soul. Readers statistics are being taken off-line only one view point is allowed.

Barred for paying for shopping #BlackLivesMatter

Which Lives Matter?

Black lives matter,

It goes without saying

Black lives matter

You don’t feel our pain

Of course your lives matter

I understand pain

My friends are dead

No it’s not the same

Black lives matter

You’ve got to understand

Blacks are being killed

Kicked up and down the land

I hear what your saying

Bruises, brutality, demands

The ones in uniform some hate

Hate blacks only blacks

Black lives MATTER!!!

Julie’s face creeps in past the hate

Her smile, her laugh

Neglect the coronor said

Tears I choke back

Of course I understand

All lives matter

NO NO NO!!!!

It’s black lives that matter

Nothing less will do

Of course your lives matter

Our lives matter to

Come on let’s stop fighting

I feel the pain like you

My race did you such wrong

How much apologising

Can a slave like me do?

The faces of too many others

Force their way into my view

Past the violence on the screen

Past the violence old and new

Of course all lives matter

As more die out of sight

Nursery rhymes filled with blood

Remind me of your plight

My stomach churns to vomit

Tears stream down my face

My ancestors got rich on blood

Sealed the whole world’s fate

Then drifting from my childhoods cot

A voice of reason calls

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Violence never works

Violence death and looting

The voice of the preacher stalls

As above their head

A tear splashes down

From a tortured death long ago


Black lives matter!

Feel the pain we’ve endured

I feel your pain and mine and guilt

Given by hatred in days of yore

Why can’t all lives matter?

No one’s doubting your pain

But surely if your life is worth more than mine

The cycle starts again

Let’s look at the bigger picture

It’s racial profiling true?

We all get profiled fingered by hate

Why don’t we try something new?

It’s not a competition

I’m not going to even try

Let’s walk away from hatred

With peace look in each other’s eyes

Let’s turn our backs on violence

Let’s turn our backs on hate

Let’s turn our backs on races

Let’s choose a different fate

A world without any masters

There is no master race

Not black not blue not coloured

Not white not pink no race

Let’s see past our skin tones

Let’s be the human race

Our bloods are mixed already

Let’s make earth a peaceful place

Cause if your more important than me

The cycle starts once more

Death violence gore

Slave ships of days before

All lives have to matter

This fact is plain to see

Cause if you matter more than others

We will never end slavery.

Every life matters

Violence breeds violence

Some know some of the hate I endure. I share some of my injuries on my social media. Search Billie Human Facebook Instagram Twitter. However I hope you also recognise that I do my best not to respond with hate to hate. It’s extremely hard please forgive me for the times I fail.

Intimidation of fake police barring me from toliet

Two Wrongs NEVER make Good

Quite frankly I’m scared at the self righteous hatred we seem to be forced to be part of. Readers do your hearts feel the same as mine?

Do you feel the jarring discord of knowing 100% that black lives matter, and the knowledge that every life matters cowering in the corner in fear of the hate driven violence expressed at anyone who dares to suggest that all lives matter?

We all know how the streets of the United States of America now resemble a war zone the media forces this down our throats. But there’s a small voice inside me that says can I really be sure I’ve got the full picture?

Readers please make up your own minds about this but remember the camera does lie. All I ask is put race aside and peacefully accept none of us know the truth. The big warning flag in my book is the way we are being forced to believe one view point only.

Please Pray With Me

Praying World Prayer
Praying World Prayer

Lord bring peace to the World, bring peace to our streets. Save us from the fires of hell. Bring mercy to those most in need and healing and safe haven to all until we reach our eternal home.

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