Street Church

Well my good readers, the dark forces of the world managed to keep me away from your good selves for a while. But I’m back! What’s more I’ve started preaching in public at my Street Church.

Have Bible will share God’s word

Let me tell you what happened for the spiritual floodgates to break. First a reminder, my good readers. I was called to ministry in 2016. The calling was renewed in no uncertain terms last year, May 2020 during my time in London. Regular readers will remember me being given the World Prayer whilst bedding own near Trafalgar Square.

It was a combination of missing the crack of dawn bus, striking train guards, and being once again settling in a new area. The Holy Spirit just took over and that afternoon I was standing in Elgin Town centre reading the Sermon on the Mount.

Now my Bible is a old King James’s Bible with language that’s a bit dated. Most people don’t understand hither and thither (here and there). I interpreted the language and did a street style explanation of Jesus’s message.

Have to admit I was terrified but I felt that I was finally doing God’s work. I don’t think the statue was the only human form listening.

Statue I preached to

Format of Street Church

I’m going to try to keep to the same format each week:

  • To Be A Pilgrim hymn
  • Paraphrase of an Old Testament story or character
  • Psalm (King David’s prayers)
  • Modern Song (Songs are prayers)
  • New Testament reading
  • Explanation
  • Closing song

We live in a world where people are used to the Bible being used as a weapon. Most people, including myself, are a bit fed up with small sections of scripture being used randomly to condemn. I refuse to do this.

Cutting up the Bible then putting it back together to suit your world view is a bit like the work of a dodgy car dealer. We need something different as Street Church it?

Church Ain’t Cool

Now everyone (thinks) they know who Church is for and what Church is. Its for those goody two shoes who’s lives are perfect. Or those do-gooders who just don’t understand life. It’s definitely not someone who knows the harsh reality of life refusing to judge others. Well that’s exactly what Street Church is.

Good readers, you know that the last thing most people expect Church to be is a homeless person talking about Jesus from a street point of view. Very few expect Street Church because I know Jesus’s life and times have been misrepresented. Hey 2000 years have passed and not much has changed.

What right has anyone got to decide, on God’s behalf, who’s going to heaven and who’s condemned to hell? The great and the good of 2000 years ago decided that Jesus was so evil that He had to be crucified. They got it a bit wrong back then and we are still getting it wrong now.

The trouble you can get into for saying love thy neighbour regardless of what they look like, bad habits, bad smells. If you also say don’t break the law of the land and don’t have much money………..well thats exactly what Jesus the Nazarene did. Read the Bible to find out the trouble he caused in a time when racism was the done thing.

Mr Bully Seagull who’s learnt not to bully.

Mr Bully Seagull

Mr. Seagull is one of my regulars, he has ingested God’s message, heard at Street Church and stopped ingesting so much stolen food.

Which brings me to the horrible harsh reality of living in this world. The Street Church services have been well received. I really enjoyed chatting to last week’s hecklers who I hope will be around next week. I think they might. Street Church is healing the hurt done by others who weaponise religion. This is a vital healing process that as a world we must muster the courage to accept.

Im no Angel, ive made mistakes but it’s about progress and learning, not being the modern day scribes and pharisees. Im doing this by myself unsupported and while it’s OK with the summer weather but eventually Street Church is going to need a shelter.

So I’m asking you to look into your hearts and see if there’s anyway you can help me spread this healing message. Perhaps you are local to Moray and have a YouTube page where you’d be willing to record and share. Or your reading this in a country that’s not UK you could pray for Street Church and ask your church to pray. It’s not necessarily about finance the Lord will provide. If you want to know more please feel free to email me

At this point I should ask forgiveness of the Street Church that already exists which I’m not connected to. I’m also not connected to Mustard Seed Edinburgh that’s started it’s own street church.

God Speed You.

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