Conspiracy Theories

Well as the whole world is still going corona crazy, I thought I might as well stay with corona craziness theme. Apparently the UK is on lock down till June or even for a whole year. People are starting to question if this is really just about a virus. I know that the only way … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories

A Streetside View

With the whole world panicking and terrified of coronavirus I thought you might like a dose of normal life readers. When I say normal life I mean normal in the abnormality homeless sense. Hey would you expect anything but a streetside view from me readers? Streetside View Now regular readers will probably know I'm a … Continue reading A Streetside View

Positives of Hard Times

Firstly apologies for not posting for a while, it's hard to charge my phone due to everywhere being closed. That's coronavirus craziness for you. However I'm seeing a lot of positives. eople are smiling more, young children are out learning to ride bicycles, everyone is waking up to the beauty on their doorsteps. These are … Continue reading Positives of Hard Times

War on Normal Life

How do we stay focused when the world around us is falling apart? Regular readers may remember the commitment I made last week to the Tuesday Writing Prompt kindly given by the GoDogGoCafe. To be honest with Coronavirus pandemonium pandemic paranoia I almost forgot. Seems there a war on Normal Life going on alongside the … Continue reading War on Normal Life

Clean hands

This a quick post readers and I'm afraid I'm going to have to talk about Coronavirus. M under no illusions regarding the seriousness of this virus. Now I'm not a expert but I'm long enough in the tooth to understand emergency situations and how EVERYONE needs to do their bit. It starts with keeping our … Continue reading Clean hands