Future overtakes past Ok readers confession time again, how many times have I confessed stuff to you now my trusty readers? I'm sort of surprised you haven't contacted WordPress demanding they remove the blog of that homeless confessing human. Anyway I digress. I've been extremely stressed recently, I've had the death of my friend that … Continue reading Changes

3 Walls and a Roof

Flowers left for my friend by caring Community of Stirling #RIPDamian

It's been a hard week. Regular readers of my blog and anyone who's just joined and cares to look will know I had a friend die a week ago. My last post was my initial expression of grief. What's happened since has brought the healing tears needed for the wounds grief creates to heal. The … Continue reading 3 Walls and a Roof

A Dilemma

Who's afraid of Social Mobility it's a tribal question Firstly readers please accept my apologies for not posting for a mont. My excuse and even as I write this I know it's an excuse, life went a bit (very) crazy in a bad way. I should of kept up with the blogging it helps me. … Continue reading A Dilemma

Homeless At Christmas 3 The Christmas Cracker

Drying out my socks and boots Ok that's got you flumxed. Why on earth have I chosen a picture of my stockinged feet on my hat? More to the point why have I got no boots on and my feet on my hat! And what's any of this got to do with Christmas crackers?!!! Think … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas 3 The Christmas Cracker

Just because I’m paranoid does not mean they’re not out to harm me!

No impressions nobody saw any tweets

To say it's been a tough week is an understatement. The ramping up of what I can only call 'the campaign to make me lose everything' started to intensify last Thursday. That morning I excitedly went to see a temporary flat that a service provider, contracted by the council, offered me. I'd done my budget … Continue reading Just because I’m paranoid does not mean they’re not out to harm me!

Reindeer 573B

I'm feeling guilty and want your honest opinion about how I treated my reindeer who helped me out at Christmas time last year. I can't actually quite remember the name of this reindeer but I do remember its number, 573B, ok confession number 1, I looked up the reindeer's reference number in the system. Hey … Continue reading Reindeer 573B