Spirit Of God

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Readers we've made it to Tuesday which can only mean one thing. Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at the GoDogGoCafe. This week the challenge is to write a poem containing the words "if we never". I strongly encourage you to check out this online cafe, the dont bite. My poem is titled Spirit of God I'll … Continue reading Spirit Of God

Paddington and Rupert

Paddington and Rupert

Readers today your in for a treat. Recently whilst away on work matters. Yes I am classed as a key worker and no I'm not at liberty to disclose the exact nature of my work. I happened to catch Paddington and Rupert deep in conversation. Below is a true account of the encounter. I'll give … Continue reading Paddington and Rupert

Homeless At Christmas 4 Crisis at Christmas

Before you panic nothing bad has happened but I have had a Christmas Day like no other. In fact a lot of people have never had a Christmas Day quite like this one. We have all been in Crisis. I've been in Crisis today since 10am! Christmas in Crisis Had you worried there didn't I … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas 4 Crisis at Christmas

Homeless At Christmas part 2 The Innkeeper

Homeless Jesus Ok I was only going to do one post about Christmas and homelessness but I have been really thinking about that family 2000 years ago. They were victims of the unseeing bureaucracy of an empire they lived on the edge of. They had to travel and register themselves. Joseph had a connection to … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas part 2 The Innkeeper

Homeless At Christmas

One of Our Christmas Trees It's Christmas time once again and I'm feeling reflective, philosophical and slightly morbid. Ok prehaps morbid is the wrong word, it's just I don't know the correct word that expresses "acceptance of the reality that all things created die/expire, but that death is just the start of the next adventure". … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas