World Prayer

Praying World Prayer

Readers I've got a favour to ask. It's sort of a request for my Higher Power, you know the one I'm a slave to. Now it's a bit of a impossible task He seems to want this prayer to be a world prayer. Lord bring peace to the World, bring peace to our streets. Save … Continue reading World Prayer

Clean hands

This a quick post readers and I'm afraid I'm going to have to talk about Coronavirus. M under no illusions regarding the seriousness of this virus. Now I'm not a expert but I'm long enough in the tooth to understand emergency situations and how EVERYONE needs to do their bit. It starts with keeping our … Continue reading Clean hands

A Waste #RIPMyFriend

A flower not the end doorway Email Billie I think something's happened there's police Rush Oh My God what pieces to pick up Police tape, Police cars, ambulance motionless What's happened? "Can't say" I know this man he's my friend I know his date of birth, name...... He's just got out of hospital!..... Statement grateful … Continue reading A Waste #RIPMyFriend

Homeless At Christmas 4 Crisis at Christmas

Before you panic nothing bad has happened but I have had a Christmas Day like no other. In fact a lot of people have never had a Christmas Day quite like this one. We have all been in Crisis. I've been in Crisis today since 10am! Christmas in Crisis Had you worried there didn't I … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas 4 Crisis at Christmas

Homeless At Christmas 3 The Christmas Cracker

Drying out my socks and boots Ok that's got you flumxed. Why on earth have I chosen a picture of my stockinged feet on my hat? More to the point why have I got no boots on and my feet on my hat! And what's any of this got to do with Christmas crackers?!!! Think … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas 3 The Christmas Cracker


Out it pops Explosion of pain Bite down On anything Old boot leather Bag strap Arm Yours or mine Dull the pain Pills Opium Stiff drink Ahhhhh back in Pain remains Pills Opium Stiff drink Dull but nagging now Surroundings look wrong It's just the pain Scar tissue forms Out it pops Pop it in … Continue reading Dislocation


Peering out from hiding place You watch me Blank eyes everywhere You watch me From behind screens Fear etched into your brow You watch me I watch you From the sidelines I watch you Eyes peering out from under brim of safety I watch you We watch ourselves Distrust fear shame Fill the void Eyes … Continue reading Fear

Ain’t I a Woman!

Homeless Femininity homeless can be male or sexless

This is my post in acceptance of the #FeministBookChallenge to write a blog post with this phrase in its title. So @BraveandReckless and also due to another offical letter addressed to me starting "Dear Sir" I'm shouting it out once again. I'm a human and have no intention of calling myself a man never have … Continue reading Ain’t I a Woman!

The worst thing….

I've been thinking a lot recently about life or more specifically my life the last 3 years in particular. You see for the last 3 years I've been homeless. Now not all of that time has been rough sleeping homeless, I've been in temporary accommodation which is when the local council uses empty council houses/flats, … Continue reading The worst thing….