Fakes and Thieves

This morning I'm smiling actually I'm laughing my head off. My Higher Power has decided enough is enough and let me know exactly who is keeping me homeless on the streets. Too many fakes and thieves about apparently. So without further ado I'll let you play the Spot the Social Worker game with me. Cumbria, … Continue reading Fakes and Thieves

A Waste #RIPMyFriend

A flower not the end doorway Email Billie I think something's happened there's police Rush Oh My God what pieces to pick up Police tape, Police cars, ambulance motionless What's happened? "Can't say" I know this man he's my friend I know his date of birth, name...... He's just got out of hospital!..... Statement grateful … Continue reading A Waste #RIPMyFriend

A Dilemma

Who's afraid of Social Mobility it's a tribal question Firstly readers please accept my apologies for not posting for a mont. My excuse and even as I write this I know it's an excuse, life went a bit (very) crazy in a bad way. I should of kept up with the blogging it helps me. … Continue reading A Dilemma

Homeless At Christmas 4 Crisis at Christmas

Before you panic nothing bad has happened but I have had a Christmas Day like no other. In fact a lot of people have never had a Christmas Day quite like this one. We have all been in Crisis. I've been in Crisis today since 10am! Christmas in Crisis Had you worried there didn't I … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas 4 Crisis at Christmas

Homeless At Christmas part 2 The Innkeeper

Homeless Jesus Ok I was only going to do one post about Christmas and homelessness but I have been really thinking about that family 2000 years ago. They were victims of the unseeing bureaucracy of an empire they lived on the edge of. They had to travel and register themselves. Joseph had a connection to … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas part 2 The Innkeeper

Homeless At Christmas

One of Our Christmas Trees It's Christmas time once again and I'm feeling reflective, philosophical and slightly morbid. Ok prehaps morbid is the wrong word, it's just I don't know the correct word that expresses "acceptance of the reality that all things created die/expire, but that death is just the start of the next adventure". … Continue reading Homeless At Christmas

Just because I’m paranoid does not mean they’re not out to harm me!

No impressions nobody saw any tweets

To say it's been a tough week is an understatement. The ramping up of what I can only call 'the campaign to make me lose everything' started to intensify last Thursday. That morning I excitedly went to see a temporary flat that a service provider, contracted by the council, offered me. I'd done my budget … Continue reading Just because I’m paranoid does not mean they’re not out to harm me!


Out it pops Explosion of pain Bite down On anything Old boot leather Bag strap Arm Yours or mine Dull the pain Pills Opium Stiff drink Ahhhhh back in Pain remains Pills Opium Stiff drink Dull but nagging now Surroundings look wrong It's just the pain Scar tissue forms Out it pops Pop it in … Continue reading Dislocation