Beautiful Dreamer

It’s Tuesday which means it’s the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge from Go Dog Go Cafe. I don’t know what it is but their prompts always seem to match the mood of the unspoken words of my soul. Perhaps it’s just the beautiful dreamer in me and hopefully in you as well my dear readers. (Yes I do care about you, my readers, very much.)

Beautiful Gold
Golden beauty

Beautiful Dreamer

Their weapons are more than words

Sharp knives match sharp tounges

Slash for slash

Blood for tear flow

But still they never reach

Treasures loved, locked, lasting

Pure and whole

Shine with a glory

Gradient as a lighthouse

Beauty of dreams by day

Beautiful Dreamer

“They’ll never break your spirit”

Bruises blossom, soul intact

As jealous fear’s rage

Forces me into the cage

With care, unobserved

I ask for a treasure

A light amist the darkest of souls

Up, from the depths

Pure like the request

The light that guides me home

Locks, freedoms, bruises

Transient they pass

But light, eternal, pure gold

The body drops away

All that’s left to weigh,

Is the gold of Beautiful Dreamer’s soul.

Closing of the day in a burst of gold

Oppression not depression

Ok I admit it I’m feeling a bit oppressed and struggling not to internalise it. Plus I’m worried about my heart and as usual can only get healthcare on the sly. So much for living in a country where everyone is entitled to free healthcare.

It could be that I’m holed up at present because of my concerns about my heart and physical health in general. Regular readers will know I have a long standing dislocation problem, caused by local councils and other homeless/housing related services. Perhaps it’s the scar tissue forcing me back outside perhaps it’s the injustice and craziness of my situation. Perhaps I’ve just got the dreamers spirit that wants to set sail again. Who knows.

Problem is the whole housing system in UK is set up so local councils control who gets housed and where they get housed. Don’t believe them when they say people get to choose, it’s the council that gets the final say. Would you trust people who’ve got blood on their hands and have done everything possible to make your life unlivible?

At the moment due to this nasty virus called corona, permenant housing is out of the question. However the council is still moving people into temporary accommodation. This is due to infection control and nothing at all to do with temporary accomadation costing central government two, three or four times as much as permanent housing.

Permanent housing is paid via Universal Credit, a poverty benefit adiminstered by central government. Temp housing is paid for by Housing Benefit administed by local government (council) and has a massive amount of fraudulent claims. The person whose details are used to claim Housing Benefit never sees any money as it’s usually paid straight to the landlord. There are twice as many empty permanent houses as there are people registered as homeless in scotland. No chance of anything dodgy going on here is there?

Update on our times

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Covid19 is actually paranoia and is being manipulated for political purposes. The more I read and the more I reflect the more this rings true.

Mass protests about institutional racism that focus of deaths but don’t mention the detention rates of people who are usually victims of crime, which run along the same racial prejudicial lines. However I suspect the ones responsible for whipping up the mob don’t want this mentioned. Will it ever come out that it was actually a few, white middle class individuals who whipped up the Black Lives Matter mob?

The other red flag alarm bell that’s ringing is the question, what else is happening in the world? The news is full of riots and protests with a dash of Coronavirus but there must be Brexit talks and other things happening. From information I know from my personal life there are some extremely big and embarrassing criminal cases that should be front page headlines. Of course the ones with power will do everything they can to block these.

To feel the wind in my sails again

I’m going to leave it at that for now readers. The call of the open road is tugging at my soul. In Scotland they call sleeping rough skippering. There’s a strong poetic tradition in this land. Reckon it’s the remnants of a lost race known as the Cat People from Sutherland. Or perhaps it’s the blue mermen rising up from the depths demanding a line or a soul to take back to their deep home.

All I’ll say is I’ll probably be posting less than you’d like on here and my social media. If anyone wants to use the evidence I have relating to who, when and where Coronavirus was engineered please use my email. I’ve also evidence about the biological sample used to create this disease. However I doubt anyone is really interested. So this beautiful dreamer will become ship shape and set sail until the storm of corona paranoia has past.

Stay safe my good readers.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreamer

    1. It’s those treasures that are stored in my heart, I’ve amassed quite a few over the years. Your sister is wrong BTW I can’t put the information I have in public domain as my life is risky enough as it is bit your sister is 100% wrong about the location. Wrong city, wrong country, wrong continent.


    2. Seems I’m completely blocked from healthcare, in a country where everyone is entitled to free healthcare. Was told I could get healthcare over the phone but on phoning today I get told I’d been discharged. Nice of them to tell me.

      I was looking for self care advice about my heart. It’s likely I’ve got a blockage developing possibly on right side. It’s also probably that the wall between the upper chambers is weakening with potentially a hole developing. I have already been diagnosed with regurgitation in 2 of my heart valves the ones on the right if I remember correctly. I’ve also got symptoms of poor circulation and blood pressure is usually on the low side especially diastolic.

      I’m putting this up in the hope there’s a kind hearted medic around who can give some advice.

      I want the world to know how NHS treats former employees who make protected disclosures relating to the abuse of patients. The abuse was proven by investigators.

      I’ll do everything I can to keep myself safe. It’s just a coincidence that the manager of homeless housing is also the manager of homeless healthcare services.

      Stay safe see you on the other side.


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