Readers I haven’t got much battery and I’m back in the city that feels most like home. Its not a big city more like a town but you get in trouble for saying cities are towns. This poem I wrote a few weeks ago in the big smoke of London. It’s based on real events. The poem is about people standing by in fear. Being a bystander.

A McGregger head held high
A McGregger head held high

Be a Bystander

It said please

Phone the police

A rabid beggar

By the station

Please it said

Phone the police

It looked scared

Tired, dirty, bags

Messy hair, struggling

Please police, it said

I was scared

Better stay safe

Better stand by

Better watch

Get a good view

What else could I do?

From a Bystander’s view.

Then it said

Stop the drunks

Threatening to punch

Said it was woman

Threatened with punches

Threatened to fall

Watch it stand tall

They said it had balls!

Better be scared

Better be safe

Better get good view

What else can we do!

From a Bystander’s view

Better stand by

Better watch not do

Better bystander view

What else could we do?

Her walk is with pride

Head still held high

Takes all in her stride

Retreats from our view

But what else could we do!!!

With a Bystander’s view.

Then phone charged the world joined in.


Some readers may understand that rough sleeping is taking it’s toll on my physical health. I recently had my 43rd birthday I think that’s my fifth birthday that I haven’t really celebrated.

5 year implications

It will come to a massive surprise to most of you, my good Readers, that when homeless 5 years is massively significant. You see all council homeless departments really care about is where you’ve lived for the past 5years and why you dare to darken their doorstep.

I really wish that this attitude wasn’t the norm and yes there are some housing officers who bend over backwards to help. However when you first present as homeless your expected to already 100% understand that the housing officer already knows it’s your fault your homeless and your just trying to manipulate the system. Your also a violent, criminal, liar who has an addiction problem thats obviously due to underlying untreated mental health problems. You may win brownie points by lamating at the broken system, how hard the government is making the housing officers job, how little they get paid, how you understand that others are more of a priority than you, a single homeless person.

Reality check

By the way by the end of the assessment period, which if your lucky will be spent in a communal building with all sorts of criminals definitely a drug dealer or 2. And of course victims of crime and normal people who’ve lost their jobs, family break up, death of partner any number of reasons. It’s likely that victims of crime will be mixing with people convicted of that same type of crime. I have had to mix with sex offenders, paedophiles, exceptionally violent man. Of course I’ve used and developed conflict resolution skills I’d be dead if I hadn’t.

I remember sitting on a computer at a homeless day centre and listening to the man next to me say he’d been barred by the court from going to church (vulnerable people there) and going on the internet. We were unsupervised.

My Promise

Readers I’m blocked, covertly of course, from healthcare. I don’t know how much longer my health will last. But I promise you I will do everything in my power to publish and promote a set of posts that the criminal underworld are terrified of.

Blocked from cardiology and all healthcare

Readers im going to explain exactly how orgainised crime works and how to counteract it. Lets call it

Levelling the playing field


I should say these posts will seriously damage the criminal underworld and may drastically reduce homelessness. I have been told by the director of a homeless charity I’m not actually allowed to end homelessness without his permission.

Well I’m long term rough sleeping and there’s a saying amongst homeless folk; ask for forgiveness not permission. This may be the one instance I use this excuse. Readers you should be aware there seems to be an unusual problem with my internet PLUS

Track this criminal
Track this criminal
Bully Blackmailer
Bully blackmailer
I report will you? #Victims
I report will You? #VictimsFirst

2 thoughts on “Bystander

  1. This is Billie you know I’m a genuine rough sleeper. I’ll try my best to keep this site online. But it does prove that they really are scared of me.

    With systems thinking and systems change we will destroy the criminals free ride. They can always turn to a honest life.

    Stay strong



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