A treat for you this evening readers. I’m currently waiting for a friend then I’ll be hiding better than usual as the man who threatened to kill me yesterday has been released. So in the spirit of #VictimsFirst some short poems, limerick style, from the same inspiration fountain as Victims First and #OtherLivesMatter

In Search of Hate

If your looking for hate

You dont have to wait

Round every corner it lurks

With smiles and lies

And dagger filled eyes

Just watch how the commenters curse

You dont look like us YOUR BANNED
You dont look like us YOUR BANNED

Which Bus Route?

There are places I’m told to go

Who’s location I just don’t know

Like F#$% and hell

Sorry I can’t spell

And the timetables also don’t show

This customer is at a loss
This customer is at a loss

We can You can’t

The are crimes I need to share

About how a glance is a stare

They feel I should know

Where my glances must not go

We can but don’t you dare

See I’ve learnt I’m not looking at any street shops!

Street Shop Owners

I feel I need to explain the last poem briefly. Readers I dont want you to commit the same terrible offences as me by daring to look at special people who run Street Shops.

You see it’s a very bad crime to even glance at anyone who is connected to a Street Shop in anyway. Glancing at a Street Shop owner long enough to recognise their face is a capital offence if committed too many times.

For those readers who have never heard of a Street Shop they are unbranded businesses who have no physical address and move from place to place on a extremely regular basis.

Other Lives Matter

Please click here for the last poem in this #VictimsFirst collection.

No evidence of Draptomania is there?!!!!!

May Peace Prevail on Earth in Chinese
May Peace Prevail on Earth Chinese

#VictimsFirst #OtherLivesMatter

2 thoughts on “#VictimsFirst

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment Vicki.

    Unfortunately as I’ve touched on in some of my posts I’m subjected repeatedly to a (100% illegal) practice called “gatekeeping”. What this means is that I’m unlawfully barred from all forms of accommodation until I pretend to be incapable, mentally ill and stop complaining about being treated as a naughty little kid by homeless services.

    I’m supposed to accept that I’m a mentally challenged, criminal, lazy, addict (add as many more stereotypes as you wish) and accept full responsibility for the failings of others.

    I’m also supposed to be grateful for everything I’m given even if I’m given someone to drink that is likely to kill me (unfortunately I have quite a few serious allergies).

    I’m sure CHESS HOMELESS helps some people but I don’t fulfill their criteria (I’m basically quite normal which is a bit shocking in itself). I don’t really fulfill the criteria for any homeless charity.

    This is why I’m still rough sleeping after all these years. I’m normal and just need a job, roof and chance to settle.

    One thing that you could help me with Vicki apparently there is a Facebook group of people who are raising funds to help me. If you know what the group is called can you share it with me? I’d like to be able to say thank you.


  2. Billie your poems are beautiful, I’m sorry the pain you suffer from disgraceful human beings. I believe everyone in life deserves a home and also a second chance. I find it so hard to comprehend our own government giving homes to refugees and non British before our own and I understand how can you get a job when you have no place of residence. I can’t imagine how hard it must be and frustrating for you.
    I do the big sleepout every year for chess homeless and that one night sleeping rough pains me the next day I end up trying to recover from the bitter cold and aches and pains.
    I wish you some luck in life because nobody deserves to be homeless no matter how you got there or your circumstances.
    Have you thought about going to shelter or the churches that are open over winter for warmth?

    I shall be thinking of you.

    Please stay safe.


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