Spirit Of God

Readers we’ve made it to Tuesday which can only mean one thing. Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at the GoDogGoCafe. This week the challenge is to write a poem containing the words “if we never”. I strongly encourage you to check out this online cafe, the dont bite. My poem is titled Spirit of God I’ll explain more after the poem.

Spirit of God

If we never looked outside

We may think we’d be happy in our lives

But the world has a way

Of taking stuff away

The bubble guaranteed to burst

By the Spirit of God’s grace

I fell out of my place

I went outside

And to my surprise

Discovered the human race

Theres good theres bad but no ugly

For revolution is hiding in all

All struggle and suffer oppression

From outside as well as in

For in the world theres haves and have nots

But every human being

Has things they desperately need

Needs blind our vision

Bubbles cocoon us in

Startled by bubble breaking

Falling Outside into dark

Scared alone and fearful

Frightened of my heart

Outside I found the others

For sure they were different from me

But after I took off the glasses

I could see things similar to me

The others outsides all varied

Their insides were different as well

But when I looked at them closely

Well the shock I now will tell

The others were not really that different

It was the bubbles that held us in hell

Outsides not that scary

My hearts now stronger than hell

I learnt about Good the hard way

Like others fell flat in my face

But the Spirit of God is canny

And cares about the human race

I slowly learnt to trust it

I know I will be ok

But you others you all matter

I’m worried your bubbles won’t break

Outside I found many not bubbled

And because we had no bubbles

Are vision cleared as well

We decided oursides didnt matter

It was our insides we wanted to know

We had some sameness and some differents

But the truth rang clear as a bell

If we concentrated on the sameness

And considered the differents in us quirks

We could all band together

And live in a world that works

Us without the bubbles

Care deeply about you

We know the hurt of bubbled

We were bubbled once too

You must escape your bubbles

And breaking them is hard to do

We’ve created a great escape plan

We are coming to help you

The Spirit of God that guides us

We dont know what God is

But Goodness broke our bubbles

We know how powerful goodness is

If any of you others can hear us

From inside the pain filled cocoon

We’re breaking in to rescue

You others who matter within.

Breaking Bubbles see Billiehuman Twitter What are Human Rights
Bursting Bubbles see Twitter @Billiehuman What are Human Rights

Care Hurts Healthing Hurts

Its confession time Readers, I’m a revolutionary. Please believe me when I say I never set out to be part of a revolution. Unfortunately I just haven’t got it in me to be a bystander to abuse. My bubble burst a long time ago you see.

The trauma that broke my bubble hurt like hell, almost killed me, the subsequent traumas the same, more so at times. It could of gone either way. I was lucky the repeated traumas completely destroyed my bubble. However I’ve know some who have also had these sort of horrendous traumas that now have incredibly strong, hard bubbles that you cant see through at all.

The Grace of the Spirit of God

I feel incredibly grateful and blessed that my bubble is destroyed. It hurts my soul so much to know that must people still live in bubbles. The tougher, stronger the bubble the more my soul pains for the others inside. That’s the whole idea of #OtherLivesMatter it’s the suffering of those others who we need to help.

It hurts to care, my poem to the family aid was my way of saying sorry for not understanding to my family aid of over 25 years ago. I hope they get to read it one day, I hope they smile as years slip away in the knowledge that they did their job extremely well.

If you do read it I want you to know there are tears of happy remembering in my eyes as I write this. Yes you made a MASSIVE impact on that broken teenager. I did cry when I read your writing in the Subject Access Request. THANK YOU for your care.

Accidental Spirit of God Revolution

Yes there are tears in my eyes as I write this, these tears are okay. Having emotions is okay part of being a human. I like feeling emotions when I was trapped by that bubble I couldn’t feel emotions very well. The bubbles cocoon stopped the emotions reaching me. I reckon that was the part that hurt so much, not feeling the hurt via emotionally.

Now, free of that evil bubble, I can see the damage bubbles do. The worst damage is done by people trapped in bubbles to others trapped in thicker, stronger bubbles. It’s because of this damage, I think it’s the not feeling emotions rather than the impaired sight, that harms. That’s why Spirit of God recruited me on the sky as it were. God, Master Life never said Billie your going to play a key role in a worldwide revolution.

What would I of done if I’d known at the start? If I had known that I’d be homeless, and all the rest would I of done the same things? Actually yes. I would of chosen to do exactly the same at those key decision points. I can’t be a bystander to others being abused. Definately cant see vulnerable hospital patients abused, it’s already been proven WordPress so not defamatory.

Call it Prisonbreak instead

The word revolution can make people scared. So let’s call it a prison break instead readers. Because I’m on a recruitment drive. Readers I want you to help me break the others out of their bubble prisons. Who’s with me and #SpiritOfGod ?!!!

OtherLivesMatter we must help them escape their torment. BTW I think I may of broken a few important people out of their bubble prison tonight. Twitter @BillieHuman If any officials ask just tell them God the Power of Goodness, one who must be worshipped told me to do it. #SpiritOfGod is extremely good at making sure God’s revolutionaries are kept safe.

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