Into Life

Readers how many times do I start a post apologising to you for not posting for a while? What can I say apart from sorry! Anyway its Tuesday so that means GoDogGoCafe challenge. And without further ado head into life with me and discovery the exciting developments.

Normality Blocked

Into Life

Longing Waiting Blocked

Trudging Smudging unsated

Yearning Learning finds the strength

And away

Like a freight train slowly gaining speed

Lumbering unstoppable juggernaut

Breaking from the past

Like the cat whose lived nine lives

Stalks the tenth with care

Pounces taking world unaware

So we can choose to jump into life

Failed Asylum Attempt

Followers of my social media antics may of guessed I’m no longer in Scotland. In fact I did try to leave UK altogether and claim asylum, anywhere. I failed, my face is described in this poem (hyperlinking is not working:

Luckily I wasnt declared insane and locked up and surprisingly the British police not only didnt cover me with bruises but also gave me a lift to nearest bus station. Readers I’m just not used to being treated like a human, it was almost like I have rights. I was so shocked that I decided to give UK one last chance of not killing me to get full house in Human Rights Violation bingo.

If you can’t go above, under or around…..

I’m still in the area police dropped me off in and still rough sleeping. In fact I seem to of upset the particularly sensitive homeless charities in the area already. Either I’m developing an unwanted talkent or my reputation really does go before me.

Undeterred, I’ve picked myself up, dusted myself off and realised I need to go back to selling a street paper. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the street magazine I was selling isn’t answering the phone. At moment there is only one street magazine being sold in UK. I say at the moment because on 14th September 2020 a brand new street magazine will be launched.


Yep you’ve guessed it my good readers, I’m creating, publishing and selling my own street paper. A rival to the established magazine I was formerly selling. I’m hoping if it takes off others will want to also sell and perhaps contribute to the magazine. Yep readers I’ve got a draft plan for managing sellers, proper training in sales and basic bookkeeping, discounted mags for sellers who have contributed and a system for recording customer feedback so every seller will have a portfolio that they can take to job Interviews to prove how awesome they are.

Must admit readers the thought of actually standing in street again selling my own creation fills my with both excitement and terror. Am I really just over 2 weeks away from being the editor, publisher and salesperson of my own magazine?!!!

Insider knowledge of
Insider knowledge for escape into life (draft plan)

News From Around

Readers, may I introduce the next magazine to take the world by storm: News From Around. 8 pages of amazing content, which includes: special thank you to people who have gone above and beyond with helpful kindness; factual news from whichever area I’ve been in with opinion after; cryptic instructions of how to find and enter the Lost Land of Lyonesse (if something is lost it can be found) and more PLUS Ruperts book, dictated to me, in installments. ALL for only £1!

Readers I hope you understand that it is a miracle, by the undoubted intervention of God that I am still alive. I am determined to continue to run headlong into life!

Post Script

Usually I hyperlink the awesome internet writing cafe but today something is just not playing ball so

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