Other Lives Matter

In a World full of hate
Why must we wait
For deaths to fill us with rage
Black Lives Matter
All Lives Matter
But some are still used as slaves

So let’s open our hearts
So selfish fears can depart
Let intelligence take the stage
Change Black Lives Matter
To Others Lives Matter
And enter a world free from slaves

May Peav
May Peace Prevail on Earth

Black Lives Matter

I’ve been a big supporter of the #BlackLivesMatter BLM movement since the beginning. George Floyd’s death very rightly has shaken the world. The reality of institutional racism is now at the forefront of the worlds conciousness. Long may this continue.

All Lives Matter

There has of course been a backlash by people who dont have skin termed as black who also suffer. These people also experience institutional racism but feel excluded by their skin colour from BLM. This is the hurt and injustice that All Lives Matter stems from. I understand this. I’ve shared the bruises racism and hate give me. My skin is not termed as black but the hate that leaves internal and extended injuries is based on what I look like. The same as the hate and violence that caused the need for BLM.

Yes there are problems with both Black Lives Matter AND All Lives Matter.

Other Lives Matter

As a world we a banner to stand under that expresses our outrage and determination to call out the mentalities where slavery thrives. Slavery still exists in fact it is very much alive and well across the globe, in your country, in the town you live in. This fact is true for every single town, city, village in the world. The problem most can’t accept this truth. This is because you dont know what your looking for so can’t see it.

May peace Prevail on Earth (multiple languages)

I see no slaves

I’m not going to tell you what a slave looks like. Providing a ‘How to Spot a Slave’ guide would be disrespectful to all, impossible and do nothing to stop the evil trade.

Instead I’m going to ask you my dear good readers to consider what requirements are needed for a slavery system to exist. And what you would do if you were one of the slaves living in your town. How would you let people know so they could help you escape? How would you react if someone approached you and said “I’m a slave I need some help escaping my enslavement”. Chances are you would phone the local mental health department because you know that there are no slaves in your town. Readers being a slave isn’t a mental health problem and speaking out as a slave is an act of extreme courage.

Slavery, like all forms of abuse exists in darkness. It requires some people to have more rights than others. If the people with more rights decide that they have the right to make the others behave as they decide then you have all the ingredients needed for a slavery system.

Let’s not be naive here readers, we all have the tendency to see those “others” as lesser than us. You know the “others” I’m talking about they are all the same! I heard that a “other” did ***insert unforgivable crime” against ***insert group of people or animals that is universally loved in your community***. Readers I know your intelligent have I not just given you the recipe for racism?!!!


Im just one human I dont even have a roof over my head. I have very little power, a strong gust of wind would blow me away due to my extreme stress weight loss diet (NOT RECOMMENDED). I can say #OtherLivesMatter but my voice is just 1 voice. 2 voices saying Other Lives Matter is a bit louder. Readers it’s your choice but perhaps Other Lives Matter has more of a ring of truthful appeal than Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter.

Peace Tower Stirling

The Compass that Sets the Direction

Personal appeal to Stirling a city that I would love to call home. Nieghbours you, hopefully all know where I took the photos in this post. The World Peace Tower is just one of the places in this beautiful city that restores my soul. Can I ask if any of you would be prepared to back me in asking the council for social housing which is unfortunately the only way I’m going to be able to afford a home in our amazing town. Sorry Stirling Council Management I can’t think of of Stirling as a city theres no cathedral.

I’ve contacted the council online and left a handwritten letter in Customer First post box. They have my contact details but I’ve recieved zero response. And before I get told to go to Springkerse again Police Scotland are aware why I don’t go there and quite frankly would any of you want to spend months/years in a homeless hostel like that? I’ve done my time in temp accommodation I need a home.

Hoping for a Home Community Tree of Hope

Leave Agression Outside Please

One last thing can people stop having a go at workers in restaurants and cafes for the not having a full range of products. It’s not there fault its the fault of a small piece of DNA that’s turned into RNA commonly known as Covid19. Please leave all aggression outside of food serving establishments.

Other Lives Matter

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